Crystal Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts


Whether you are looking for inexpensive Wedding Gifts, or bespoke engraved, high quality engraved glass or crystal, Cheshire Crystal can supply your needs.

Inexpensive Wedding Gifts for the Wedding Party

Cheshire Crystal offer some inexpensive gifts to commemorate weddings:

  • champagne flutes for the Bride & Groom, Bridesmaids, Mother of The Bride & Mother of The Groom.
  • tankards for the Best Man, Father of The Bride &  Ushers.
  • a solid optical crystal heart, deep engraved to make the ultimate wedding gift, commemorating the Wedding Day itself.


/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/1480.jpg?1361363483Champagne Flutes, Tankards and a Heart are available as inexpensive Wedding Gifts.

Bespoke Engraved Wedding Gifts

A large range of both individual gifts for weddings or for couples is available in the Cheshire Crystal online shop.

Wine glasses make ideal wedding gifts for ladies, while tankards and tumblers make the men folk happy.  Either wine glasses or tumblers can be supplied satin boxed in pairs, making a suitable wedding gift for couples e.g. the bridal couple of a best man and matron of honour who may be a couple.

Large single items, such as a bowl or vase can offer up opportunities for centrepieces on a wedding table, to be later used at home.  These items also have plentiful areas for engraving, to properly commemorate a wedding.

A speciality of Cheshire Crystal is a Rock Tablet, hand made in the Highlands of Scotland, supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing its provenance.  Perhaps the most desirable Wedding Gift for a Bridal Couple.



/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/1949.jpg?1382608000One of many items of glass & crystal suitable for bespoke engraving to make high quality Wedding Gifts.

Careful research into the couple's family names reveals the oldest recorded Heraldic Crests for each family.  The shields from the crests are engraved, inset into heraldic embellishments.  An alternative, for Scottish couples, is their Scottish Clan Crests.

Celtic work is also engraved - a pair of swans and Celtic corners - to surround and adorn the special words commemorating the event.

The finished piece commemorates the joining together of two families through the marriage of the couple.

All you need to supply is:

  • The names of the couple (christian and surname)
  • Preference for Scottish or European crests
  • The text required (make use of ours, if you wish)

The finished result is a Wedding Gift for a Bride & Groom which we are proud to produce and your recipients will be thrilled with.



/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/1444.jpg?1360163328Cheshire Crystal are proud to provide this Rock Tablet for Bridal Couples wedding gifts.




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