Personal Gifts

Cheshire Crystal offer a complete range of glass & crystal suitable for bespoke engraving to make the ultimate Personalised Gifts.  Placing your order is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Select your piece of glass or crystal (we offer sets too) from the Shop

2.  Select a Standard Design or upload your own - a design, as well as your personal words, 'lifts' the engraving and makes a professional job, at no additional cost. 

3. Check out.

If you are in a hurry, Cheshire Crystal also offer a range of different pre-decorated Gifts to cover a number of different occasions.


K9 Optical Crystal Large Glacier

Rock Tablet, hand made in the 
Highlands of Scotland, bespoke 
engraved for you.


Driving Test Gifts

That once-in-a-lifetime experience, a driving test gift will record the achievement, earned through huge investment in both money and time.

Our view is that your gift should not have any relation to alcohol(!).  There are numerous pieces of glass & crystal in the online shop for you to select appropriate driving test personalised gifts.

Desk orientated driving test gifts work well.  Our choice would be an optical crystal key ring - something that the recipient will treasure for many years and looks great with bespoke engraving.


Crystal Block Key Ring

An alternative driving test gift to the keyring is a crystal key.

Valentines Gifts

"Be My Valentine"; a lovers dreams can be fully realised with glass and crystal - a medium which surpasses a simple card by a mile.

Remember carving a heart and initials into a tree?  Well, you can now have the same 'carving', but into an item of glass or crystal..! A Valentines Gift which will last and be treasured 'forever'.

Cheshire Crystal offer an inexpensive Valentines Gift, in the form of a Champagne Flute, printed with a blood-red heart and 'Be My Valentine'.

  Also on offer is a solid optical crystal heart, 2.5" (65mm) wide, packaged in a velvet casket - deep engraved with 'My Valentine' or a variety of other suitable engravings for the ultimate valentines gift.



The champagne flute valentines gift is one of many ideas - or have your choice of glass or crystal bespoke engraved.

Engagement Gifts

A range of different items of glass and crystal, which can be bespoke engraved, to make personalised Engagement Gifts are available in our online Shop.

True love, is a path trodden on the way to matrimony and a couple becoming engaged to be married, is like a signpost along the path to that holy grail.  The event should be commemorated in as serious a fashion, as matrimony itself.

There is no finer way to express good wishes or for the couple themselves to mark the occasion, with an engagement gift worthy of the esteem of the event.  The engagement gift could be something personal, or something for the couple's home.

Oftentimes, a couple live together, before declaring their intent, these days.  Maybe they have already built a home together, making the selection of an engagement gift challenging.  Fear not, the extensive range in the online shop will produce something worth-while and Cheshire Crystal promise friendly, efficient and personal service, should you elect to contact us for ideas.

New Home Gifts

Friends or relatives moving into a new home will really appreciate your thoughtfulness when you provide them with a new home gift - especially if it is a gift which is both useful and commemorates the occasion.  This is easily accomplished with glass or crystal.

Moving house is one of the most traumatic of events in a person's life.  Make it less tiresome with a beautiful piece of engraved glass, taking their minds off all that unpacking and turning the event into one of joy!

A centrepiece (bowl) for the dining table, a vase for the sideboard or a whisky set for the new bar - these and many other items suitable for new home gifts are available in the online shop.

'Congratulations on Your New Home', their names and the date of moving are all that are required for the words.  A design always 'lifts' engraved words and you could add an image of a castle (from the standard designs offered) - or take a photograph of the new home and we will photo-engrave it onto the glass or crystal for you.  That's the ultimate New Home Gift!



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