Crystal Rugby Trophies

A large range of glass & crystal Rugby Trophies and rugby gifts is available from Cheshire Crystal.  Outstanding Rugby Trophies and Awards, in the form of large crystal trophies, suitably engraved for all major and club matches.

Many smaller items are also available, including the often awarded Tankards and Tumblers.  Deeply engraved with your Rugby Club crest and suitable words, they make a superb Trophy or Award.

Cheshire Crystal also offer a range of standard designs to substitute for a club crest, which can be added to, to make a bespoke 'crest' for boys clubs too.

  The Champions Trophy with blank panel for engraving. An ideal Rugby Trophy

A superb Rugby Trophy from the large range in the Shop

Rugby Trophies in Glass & Crystal

Combining the beauty of solid glass or crystal with deep engraving and the result is Rugby Trophies which will do your Club credit!  Easily washed and kept clean and bright, Rugby Trophies and rugby gifts made from glass and crystal will continue to reflect and refract light into a myriad of colours.  Ensuring your Rugby Trophies  and rugby gifts will be placed on display at all times - and never tossed into a drawer to be forgotten!

The bonus is the deep engraving of your club crest.  A 'Standard' for your club, which will always be admired by all and act as an advertisement for your team.

The Range

Three sizes of Optical Crystal Rugby Balls are offered.  One, shown to the left, is standing on a slate League Kicking Tee.  Far from lightweight, this item weighs nearly 3 kilos!

There are 4 'panels' around the ball, affording plenty of engraving space and, because optical crystal is so soft, our engravers attain a depth you can dig a fingernail into.

K9 Optical Crystal is the best quality available and the weight of this Rugby Trophy gives a high perceived value.



      K9 Optical Crystal 4.5" 

               Rugby Ball



One of many Balmoral Glass Tankards, suitable for engraving to make a great Rugby Trophy.
An Inverness Crystal 1pt Tankard with plain panel for engraving. It makers a superb Rugby Trophy.
A Balmoral Glass 10oz Bubble Based Tumbler, when suitably engraved, makes a fantastic Rugby Trophy..
A curved frame of glass with a picture frame and area for engraving. A great idea for a Rugby Trophy.
One of many Balmoral Glass Tankards. An Inverness Crystal 1pt Tankard with plain panel for engraving. One of many Plain Glass Tumblers. A self supporting frame of glass, one side for engraving and the other for a team photograph?

Many Tankards are available, in both plain glass "Balmoral Glass" - and - cut crystal "Inverness Crystal".  Available in plain packaging, or, for special events, in sumptuous satin lined boxes.  It's surprising how a satin box can make an 'ordinary' Rugby Trophy into a very special Award!

Tumblers are also available, in both plain glass (including "Balmoral Glass") and hand cut 24% lead crystal, branded "Inverness Crystal".  A chunky 10oz Tumbler will not only be displayed with pride, but may well be 'toasted' from too!

The Engraving

Engraving Rugby Trophies is carried out using the 'sandblasting'. Not to be compared with the 'scratchy' finish of machine and laser engraving, 'sandblasting' is faithful to the prepared artwork and is very much deeper, more even and with a beautiful white finish.

Your artwork for your Eugby Club will be faithfully drawn if necessary (a small one-off charge may apply), so that every line and indeed every serif of each letter will be faithfully engraved deep into the glass or crystal.





Deep engraving of any Rugby Club crest and text..

Rugby Club crests and text deeply and faithfully engraved.

Rugby Awards

Rugby Club Awards in glass and crystal are the ultimate presentation, due to the nature of both the product and the deep engraving.  Combined with superb packaging options, your presentation table can be made to look sublime! With a little imagination, glass and crystal Rugby Awards can be made into something really unique.  On the right, two surfaces of the Rock Tablet have been engraved, so that one looks at the engraving of the text on the front face - then look through the glass at the logo engraved on the rear face.

Rock Tablets make the finest Rugby Awards

The Rock Tablet range  is hand made in Scotland.

Rugby Gifts

A range of different items of glass and crystal, which can be bespoke engraved, to make personal Rugby Gifts is available in our online Shop.

For personalised Rugby Gifts, we offer 3 different Engraving Designs to accompany your words.  We include a humorous design too, "Rugby Player in a Twist", which will make fun of (or for) the Rugby player in your life!.

For the Rugby player in your life, a Rugby Gift which has had five minutes thought put into it, will provide a Rugby Gift to display with pride.  No one will be able to say 'seen one of those before'...

Select an original Rugby Gift and have Cheshire Crystal bespoke engrave it with your personalised message!  It's as easy as 1-2-3:

Many different items of glass and crystal make excellent Rugby Gifts, when bespoke engraved

Selecting a bespoke Rugby Gift is as easy as 1-2-3


1.  Select your glass or crystal item

2.  Select a standard design or upload your own & type in your message

3.  Checkout


"Cheshire Crystal - Glass Engravers in Cheshire - Delivering to the UK"


One of many Balmoral Glass Tankards, suitable for engraving to make a great Rugby Trophy