Crystal Golf Trophies

Golf Trophies and in particular, Glass Golf Trophies, are a mainstay of Cheshire Crystal.  We have some superb products which, with bespoke engraving, will make your selection of Golf Trophies look stunning on the awards table.

Golf Trophies in Glass & Crystal

Glass and crystal reflect and refract light like no other material.  Deep engraving is possible, like no other material.  Combine the two and the result is Golf Trophies which will do your Club, Association or Company credit!

The Range 

We offer 'Golf Ball' shaped Glass Golf Trophies, including a WhiteFire optical crystal Golf Ball on a base, packaged in a beautiful velvet lined casket, which closes with the 'whump' of a 5 iron against a ball(!).

There are 4 sides to the base, affording plenty of engraving space and, because optical crystal is so soft, our engravers attain a depth you can dig a fingernail into.

WhiteFire Optical Crystal is simply the best quality available and the weight of this Golf Trophy makes it unmistakable in terms of perceived value.

In addition we have a choice of plaques, ice blocks , glasses or photo frames as trophies or prizes for all golf enthusiasts.


A 3" Optical Crystal Golf Ball on an Optical Crystal Base, suitable for Glass engraving for a golf Trophy

The WhiteFire Optical Crystal Golf Ball on Base.

The Engraving

Engraving your Golf Trophies, golf prizes and golf gifts is carried out using the 'sandblasting' method.  Incomparable with the 'scratchy' finish of machine or laser engraving, 'sandblasting' is completely faithful to the artwork prepared and is very much deeper, more even and has a beautiful white finish.

Take a look at the engraving on the right.  Every line - and even every serif of every letter, is faithfully reproduced.  The Curved Glass Frame makes a good Golf Trophy and a great idea is to have a photographer at the first tee, taking images of each player taking their first shot.  Given today's technology, it is easy to have images printed and inserted into the glass frames before the match ends and presentation time comes around.  There is nothing more personal for a Golf Trophy than having an image of the winners of all the trophies encased in their own Glass Golf Trophy!


  A curved frame of glass with a picture frame and area for engraving. A great idea for a Golf Trophy.

Read about our 'great idea' for a Golf Trophy, on the left.

Golf Prizes

All Golf Clubs, Associations and Corporate bodies enjoying a day's golf have some sort of Golf Prize at the end of the day. Humorous golf Prizes and serious ones are all well received (some more politely than others!).

We offer you some great ideas for your Golf Prizes, including Golf Prizes for Men and Golf Prizes for Women.  Everyone loves crystal and, when the crystal has been deep engraved, it adds a real and personal value to the prize.

A Golf Prize which is certain to be displayed with pride and not spent (like money or a voucher) or tossed in a drawer (like cheap 'plastic' prizes).

Using a little imagination, glass and crystal Golf Prizes can be made into something special and unique.  On the right, two surfaces of the Balancing Cube have been engraved, so that one looks at the engraving of the text on the front face - then look through the crystal at the logo engraved on the rear face.


  /affiliaHeavy based tumbler, deep engraved with a club logo makes a great Golf Prize.te_paperclip_assets/original/1684.35S1?1364307858

Packaging is important too. This Tumbler is offered with a satin box.

Tankards make good Golf Prizes for Men and Wine glasses make good Golf Prizes for Women.  But, with over 1,000 product lines, Cheshire Crystal can offer even more of a choice.



A optical crystal cube, balancing on one corner, engraved with golf club crest on one face and text on another, makes a superb Golf Prize.

WhiteFire Optical Crystal Balancing Cube.

Golf Awards

Golf Awards, and perpetual Golf Awards in particular, are plentiful in our range of glass and crystal.  A popular range for perpetual Golf Awards are Rock Tablets, made by hand in the Scottish Highlands.

Rock Tablets feature rugged looking edges which are surprisingly smooth to touch.  Packaged in branded rigid blue boxes, they are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, rolled and tied with tartan ribbon, guaranteeing their provenance.  Providing large areas of engraving space, they make excellent perpetual Golf Awards.

We are happy to accept the ongoing engraving of annual winners names, providing a record for your Club, Association or Corporate Body. Rock Tablet perpetual Golf Award.




Rock Tablet perpetual Golf Award.

 Golf Gifts 

A range of different items of glass and crystal, which can be bespoke engraved, to make personal or corporate Golf Gifts is available in our online Shop. For personal Golf Gifts, we offer many different Engraving Designs to accompany your words.  We include some humorous designs too, including cartoon designs by a famous Daily Express cartoonist of many years ago. For the Golfer in your life, a Golf Gift which is not simply bought off the shelf, but has had a few minutes thought put into it, will provide a Golf Gift to display with pride, rather than collecting responses from their golfing friends like 'seen one of those before'. For Corporate and Club Golf Gifts attach your logo or crest to your online order and we will engrave every detail as faithfully as is shown on the brandy balloon on the right. Go for a completely original Golf Gift and have Cheshire Crystal engrave it for you!

Many packaging options are available for Golf Gifts, including inexpensive blue boxes for individual items.


 Many different items of glass and crystal make excellent Golf Gifts, when bespoke engraved

Many packaging options are available for Golf Gifts, including inexpensive blue boxes for individual items.

Golf Medals 

We have just one single medal to offer, but it is a Golf Medal with a difference - not one you will find sold by Trophy companies! WhiteFire Optical Crystal is, as its name suggests, optically perfect.  The same quality crystal is used in high-end camera lenses, which is why they weigh so much! This 3" diameter Golf Medal has its own Ribbon and is supplied in a high quality velvet casket, with a lid which closes with a clunk.  No, it does not take a cheap 'centre', but is bespoke engraved with your own design - Club,  Association or Corporate logo.  Text can also be added and looks good when engraved in a circle around the perimeter. If you are looking for a Golf Medal which is out of the ordinary, you have just found it..!  

A WhiteFire Optical Crystal Medal. Cheshire Crystal - Glass Engravers in Cheshire.


An optical crystal Medal, with Ribbon and velvet lined casket

A WhiteFire Optical Crystal Medal.

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