Personalised Champagne Glasses

All Weddings are a real celebration and personalised champagne flutes are ideal gifts for those special people.

People like your Mum and Dad, your bridesmaids and the best man, maybe your ushers and particular friends. It is your day but with their help that day becomes your great day








Cheshire Crystal provides a truly unique option for your wedding toasting champagne flutes. Some of our suggestions are illustrated, but for fuller choice have a look at our gift section for personalised flutes or our range of plain champagne glasses


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I Love "Mum and Dad" For My Bridesmaid To the "Bride and Groom"


After your vows have been exchanged it's time to toast!

No wedding is complete without a toast to the bride and groom. No wedding is complete without the best man’s speech or the Groom’s reply. Help your day along with set of personalised toasting flutes for the newlyweds and your friends. That special set of wedding toasting flutes will make your first toast all the more memorable and become a special keepsake that you will use for years’ to come.

A toast to your future
A toast to true love and romance

Celebrate your special day with custom engraved personalised champagne flutes. We love taking your ideas and transforming them on to glass. We can ensure your personalise toasting flutes come with your custom designs as well as your names and wedding date. Cheshire Crystal wedding champagne flutes are available in a variety of shapes, and sizes to fit every theme and budget. You are sure to find the perfect flutes to sip champagne from at your wedding reception.

All of our toasting glasses can be engraved with the design of your choosing. From wedding bells to double hearts, turn your cherished day into a lifetime’s memory for you and your guests. Whatever your design, Cheshire Crystal can engrave your chosen glasses in numerous ways, for example; to include your name and wedding date. Cheshire Crystal can customise your champagne flutes with your special wedding theme, be that the fairy tale wedding, a beach special or hot air balloon. Your glasses can be engraved with hearts, wedding bells, flowers or animals. You name it, provided you can give that special image we can recreate in glass for you.

Please contact Alan or Duncan on 0800 862 0886 if you have any questions.


Have a great Wedding Day