Corporate Awards


Corporate awards in the form of Sales Awards, Business Achievement Awards, Long Service Awards and Retirement gifts are the most frequent form of Corporate Awards we are asked to provide. At Cheshire Crystal, we have a wide range of Corporate Awards to suit all budgets.

Listed are some recommendations to consider within 4 budget ranges, Prestigious Awards, Top-Range Awards, Mid-Range Awards and Budget Awards. All crystal and glass awards are high quality and where appropriate certification of authenticity of provenance is offered. If our recommendations do not meet your Corporate needs please view our full range at the online catalogue.




Prestigious Awards

For that very special occasion, maybe once a decade or even only once in a lifetime, we offer to create a unique Corporate Award in glass. These art commissions take two forms:

Carved in Glass

Our artist David will use an image you provide (or describe) and carves this into glass creating a unique glass image. Since 1981, when David first engraved an inaugural presentation chalice for U.S. President Ronald Reagan, he has produced artistic glassware creations for H.M. Queen, HM The Queen Mother, and other members of the Royal Family, as well as The Sultan of Oman, The Emir of Kuwait, The Sultan of Brunei and many other notably persons.

Caricature on Glass

Imagine that perfect personal gift with a particular humorous twist!
With your provided photograph, description and your instructions, our artist John will create a caricature that is then etched on the glassware of your choice. You receive both the original art drawing signed by John and the most unique and personal gift that can be created!

Each of the above is unique and needs to be carefully costed for you.

As these are commissioned art works rather than ‘simple’ engraving time is a major factor, so please ensure that if this is your choice, please allow plenty of time to complete. For all our art commissioned Prestigious Awards, please call Alan or Duncan on 0800 862 0886 to discuss.


Our top-range Corporate Awards allow you to provide the recipient with high quality crystal products, in the knowledge that the recipient will treasure them forever. Cheshire Crystal awards include Tablets, Blocks and other unusual shapes to suit the occasion. 

We suggest two branded ranges, Fusion Crystal or Rock Tablets. Fusion Crystal is WhiteFire with 'fused' metal bases or stars - or - coloured crystal. Ice Blocks are Rock Tablets which have been ground, but not polished.


/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/1440.jpg?1360163257 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/1439.jpg?1360163236 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/1447.jpg?1360163367 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/1446.jpg?1360163358
Fusion Crystal 9.5" Oval Blue Tower Fusion Crystal 9" Empire Blue Column Rock Tablet Landscape Carn Mor Medium Rock Tablet Diamond Cawdor Medium

Fusion Crystal

We recommend engraving the base and the upright to make the most of the areas provided; but engraving both the front and rear face of the upright will provide a more effective 3-D image.

Rock Tablets

The Rock Tablets are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Our chunky Flat Glass Award range and complement any Corporate Award requirements. Rock Tablets can be engraved on more than one face, to increase the visible impact of the award.


Our other shapes include Desk-Top gift range to include pyramids, cubes, globes or to highlight sporting achievements. Stand out by rewarding staff or clients with quality gifts.


Cheshire Crystal offer a lower priced but very cost effective alternative to the Fusion Crystal and Rock Tablets, with our Jade and K9 Optical Crystal ranges.

/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2612.jpg?1449005980 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2536.jpg?1426760830 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/1444.jpg?1360163328 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/1443.jpg?1360163315

  Business Card   & Pen Holder

Black Mirror Plaque (8x10" - with/out stand) K9 Optical Crystal Medium Iceberg K9 Optical Crystal Large Glacier


Shaped Jade Edge Tablets

Jade Tablets come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with or without bevelled edges. These can be engraved on both faces to create very effective Corporate Awards.


The K9 Optical Crystal range of blocks can be engraved on more than one surface. These blocks add both weight and quality to any award ceremony.

Both the Jade tablets and the K9 Optical Crystal Blocks create high impact, valued award.


Our budget range of Corporate Awards will help keep your costs down, while maintaining the high standards expected. Whether these are used as corporate gifts for particular events or as a reward for the ‘… Person of the month’. The range of paperweights, photo-frames, shaped crystal and glass make ideal small awards.

/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/1445.jpg?1360163346 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/1448.jpg?1360163376 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/1449.jpg?1360163385 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/1450.jpg?1360239593
Paperweight Flat Round 3.5" Whitefire Balancing Cube 2.5" Whitefire Pyramid 2.5" Sq 5mm Curved 2" x 3" Gilt Photo Frame



Paperweights can be flat or domed, round or oval, block shaped with or without black backing. Each can be engraved if required.
The range of shapes includes diamond, cube, pyramid, rectangle, star or heart.
Additionally, we offer a series of curved or flat photo-frames that can be etched with a memorable message and date.


The packaging for our range depends entirely on the product. The top of the range products are delivered in black or blue velvet lined casket. Other products are delivered in a blue satin box, blue rigid box or white box - see online shop for full details. Boxes can be upgraded if required at an additional cost. Prestigious awards are individually boxed.

Need some assistance in selecting Corporate Awards, Prizes or Gifts, please contact Alan or Duncan on 0800 862 0886 with your Budget and indicate the Occasion. We have facilities to identify any product within our range, to match your budget and sort product types to make your effort easier.

For all our art commissioned Prestigious Awards, please call Alan or Duncan on 0800 862 0886 to discuss your requirements with us.


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