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Aftersales - What do I do if the package and the item delivered is damaged, broken or defective?

Delivery - Are there alternates to using a courier?

Delivery - Must I use your courier?

Engraving - Can I use a coloured photo for photo-engraving?

Engraving - Can you use a coloured drawing of artwork to engrave?

Engraving - Format required for engraving or printing

Engraving - I do want words, not design. Why must I include a design?

Engraving - There is more than one place whether the engraving can be placed, am I restricted to using only one panel?

Engraving - There website limits the word count to 12. Can I have more words?

Engraving - When will my order be delivered?

Engraving - Will you engrave my own glass?

Payment - When do I pay?

Payments - Do you pass my details to third parties?